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Let us provide the technology that can help you in your daily routine of company management.

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does not impose any obligations.

Build an enterprise
of your business!

Build an enterprise of your business!

We have revisited one of our most popular products and packed it for you into an affordable service that is available for a monthly fee. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV has never been more accessible than it is now.

Ready for use
We have already configured everything for you.

We have created this solution synthesizing the experience of 300 projects to make sure that you can start to use it straight away.

Monthly package
Without any engagements or hidden costs.

Foreseeable and predictable fee schedule from the very first moment.

Tuned to growth
A solution with continuous extension possibilities

Devices are added to the system to help you shape your business in accordance with your own rules of the game.

Take business with you!
Are you interested at the sales data that have been generated today?

Or would you just check the partners that owe you money? You may verify your business data by one click, any time from anywhere. This will facilitate your decision making process while decreasing your IT related costs.

Choose a proven solution!

SmartBiz 365 is based on the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology. With XAPT’s industry experience, you can be sure that you get a secure, continuous ERP system, that can be accessed from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-grade software!

Thanks to our solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise resource planning system, you can use a business software that can support the complex needs of your company.

Regulatory compliance
You will have nothing to worry about; let us take care of all the details!

In this service, we have synthesized several years of experience in order to ensure a quick and smooth start for you. In the future you could be assured that your system will always be in compliance with the current legal framework.

Cloud-based infrastructure
Your data can be accessed any time from anywhere.

Have you ever been thinking on finding a way to satisfy the IT requirements of your business software, taking into account their ever-growing complexity? The good news is that you do not need to worry about it any more! Our service is accessible to you any time, and from any platform, having our experts ensuring continuous operation from the background.

Customer support
Are you stuck somewhere? Is there a function that you cannot find?

No problem! You can contact us directly, and we will help you overcome the issue. Would you need training or would you like to find more detailed information on certain functions? Browse the articles of our online knowledge centre that we have collected for you as a result of our several years of experience?

Constant innovation
Forget about software updates!

Enjoy the benefits offered by continuous innovation, without the need to worry about software updates any time! We will make sure in the background that you could enjoy the benefits offered by the new versions. Would you have an idea to improve our product? Contact us and we will implement it!

Office 365 Business
The office software suite of Microsoft.

You can take the most out of your work using online file storage and file sharing as well as with the complete Office applications that can be installed on several devices at the same time. From now on, the enterprise version of Office 365 also contains the new Office 2016 apps for PC and Mac.

What our customers say
about SmartBiz 365?

We were looking for a flexible solution with easy implementation for the Hungarian office. With the cloud based infrastructure, we had forseen precisely what we will get, on the other hand - because of the much smaller risk - our parent company given green light for the project more easily.

Noémi Gárdonyi

Country Manager
Dr Gerard Hungary

At XAPT we believe that,

using the SmartBiz 365 service, the well established enterprise applications should become available for much more companies than ever before.We love new technologies, and we have incorporated into SmartBiz 365 all Microsoft technologies that a Hungarian company may need today. Become our customer and take part in a journey that can ensure long-term development to your company today. We will show you how!

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Fill out our form and our consultants will create a test environment for you where you can try what SmartBiz 365 may offer. Call the number below for immediate help in case of any questions:

We are looking forward to your call, and we will help you make a decision.

Choosing an ERP system is not an easy task.

Let us invite you for a coffee to have a friendly chat so we can answer all questions you may have.We will share with you why it is useful and safe to choose the cloud-based SmartBiz 365 system.

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Sales Manager, SMB segment
Tamás Németh
Customer Relations Manager

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